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What is ConnectAmericas?

ConnectAmericas is the first social network for businesses in the Americas, dedicated to promoting foreign trade and international investment. With the slogan “Take the world in your hands”, the proposal of the platform is to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow their businesses internationally in three steps: CONNECT, LEARN AND FINANCE.


What is the IDB’s involvement?

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) created this social network for businesses with the support of globally renowned companies, such as Google, DHL, Visa and Alibaba. The goal aims to decrease the occurrence of three fundamental obstacles that SMEs encounter when seeking to expand internationally: (a) access to trustworthy international contacts; (b) access to current and high-quality information about international trade; and (c) access to financing. In this way, ConnectAmericas seeks to provide up to date, practical and simple information about the main operational aspects of international trade, through articles, blogs, online courses and interactive learning tools. Finally, ConnectAmericas seeks to bring financing opportunities closer to SMEs through consolidated information on financial and technical assistance products that are available to SMEs in each member country of the IDB Group.



What does the INVEST in LAC offer you?

The INVEST in LAC is a platform to find data by country, analyze it and turn numbers into charts and graphs that can help you to do business and support the decision about where to locate your company in the LAC region.


Who are the main users of INVEST in LAC?

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, investors and multinationals.
    Get updated investment information from key market indicators to elaborate in-depth investment analyses for your company and business. The INVEST in LAC prepares you for overseas trade & investment missions through benchmarking and comparing country data from the most credible sources in the world.
  • Trade and investment promotion agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Associations.
    Support the preparation of your country or region proposition when attracting greenfields and reinvestment projects. Have a look at data from other countries and regions.
  • Universities, Business schools and NGOs.
    Analyze historic and current trends from credible sources of economic data. Get all the data you need for your reports and white papers.
  • Consultancies/advisory firms.
    Get the data you need to perform assessments and make recommendations to your customers in trade & investment and support them in their decisions concerning where to locate their businesses in the region.


What kind of functionalities are you going to find in the INVEST in LAC?

You can select any member country of the Bank from the LAC region and access or have access to:

  • Country Profile: A summary of the basic facts and economic indicators that show you an interesting overview of the country. Users could also find in this section Reasons to Invest in the country and Success Stories of companies that located their enterprises there. Information about National Investment Agencies is provided in the country profile too.
  • Explore: Clicking this tab the user will have access to full data and economic information about the country you select. Also through Explore Data tab, you could have access to the complete Database in which you will be able to compare all the countries, all the indicators and all the time series available in that Database.
  • Compare: A functionality to compare key indicators for the country you select with any country in the world.

Functionalities include data querying, data visualization, exports, presentations and analyses. The platform allows access to more than thousands time series from a wide range of topics: agriculture, economy, energy, health, environment, finance, tourism, water, transportation, etc) for each country member of the Bank in the LAC region and abroad.


Can I compare the data results with other countries in the world?

The platform provides you with a powerful search engine to compare the data results from any topic with any country in the world to help you decide where to locate your business or which is the best country in which to do business. It might be interesting to have a regional perspective too, maybe with regional averages?


How can I begin searching for data?

Start by selecting your topic in the search bar. You can also access data by topic, by country (26 member countries of the Bank in the region) or by data sources.


What information sources are used in the INVEST in LAC?

INVEST in LAC grants access to public statistics from key international organizations in the world: IMF, OECD, WHO, WB, Regional Development Banks, etc.


When and how often is data collected and updated?

The available data is updated at the same time as official sources do for every country. Some countries have the data more updated than others because some official sources provide quarterly updated versions of the publication but just the annual data file contains the information for all countries. The INVEST in LAC includes every partial update from the most reliable international sources so as to assure the quality of the data.

If the user is interested in knowing when the data is going to be updated, they must consult the original data source. Please follow the instructions below:



Please, you can discover the next update in the red square that you will find it below:



How could the user export the data to differents types of visualizations (numbers, charts, graphs) after comparing different indicators and countries?

After clicking the indicator you want to visualize in the EXPLORE item, our platform has only predefined some types of visualizations. In case the user need to get more data visualization or want to compare one or more indicators with several countries in the world, you can click in the Explore Data button:



When you click the button, a Dataset Viewer tool appears. By default, it will have a country and a corresponding indicator preselected. This tool is powerful, allows the user to play with different types of visualizations including a table (see it on the right side), to select more countries, more indicators, and the time that are available in a dataset (see it on the left). It also possible to download the data through “Export visualization” feature:



Why some definitions are in English if I am using the Spanish version? Is it a mistake?

No, it is not. We are very sorry for that, but unfortunately the definitions of the indicators are in English, as it is the official language of most of the sources consulted.



I am a national Export Promotion / Investment Attraction Agency of a country member of the IDB Group and I would like to update/modify the Country Profile, Reasons to Invest and the Success Stories section, could I do that?

Yes, you can do that. Official national Agencies of each country of the INVEST in LAC could update that information. Please, send an email to mentioning the changes you want to implement. INVEST in LAC team will contact you as soon as possible to introduce such changes in our platform.


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