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How has INVEST in LAC been useful for you?

The main use of the INVEST in LAC is compare the realities of two or more countries to make investment decisions. In our case it is important to know the education level, education investment and the economic level of a country to realize in which countries should we hire talent. On the other hand, the "Success Stories" section seems really interesting for certain types of companies.


What are the main advantages that you would highlight about INVEST in LAC?

The main advantage of INVEST in LAC would be checking several country indicators on the same screen. There are several country information sources but there is not a tool that allows you to compare data from different countries at the same time. It is very useful!!


Did INVEST in LAC work for your company? Why?

Our company is looking to expand itself to other Latin American countries, therefore, the population, education and socioeconomic data we found, it was really useful for our purposes. We could see for example that, the socio-economic level is lower in Bolivia than Ecuador and Colombia, hence their wages will be lower. After seeing that point, we focus on their education and we conclude that Bolivia could be a good alternative to recruit talent and also they have lower hiring costs. However, when we compared the population of the countries we are currently located we could see that Bolivia population is lower with a higher poverty index, which automatically generates less work talent there.


Would you recommend it to other colleagues? Why?

Yes, I would totally recommend it. Compare tool and all the current indicators gives us an important information for our investment decisions. Moreover, it is very easy to see a summary of the reasons why you should invest in the country. I am from Ecuador and when I saw the information about the investment education, I realized that is real and recent data.


Andrés Garzón Managing Partner, JOBSITY

Jobsity is an outsourcing web development company that provides awesome developers from Latin America. We select awesome people and treat them like family. We feed them with knowledge, we teach them programming with passion and above all, we make sure they are the best. Jobsity has spent the last decade partnering with clients to deliver custom-crafted experiences. We want you to do what you do best while we craft the best code.


How has INVEST in LAC been useful for you?

INVEST in LAC help me to find, in a single platform, data, statistics and key indicators needed for businesses who wants to develop consulting work and for all those entrepreneurs or companies in any industry who want to develop business relations in LAC region and requires to elaborate studies and market analysis.


What are the main advantages that you would highlight about INVEST in LAC?

The main advantages of the tool are the data availability from reliable sources and the current information and indicators about socio-economics, sectors, reasons to invest and success stories from the 26 countries of LAC region.

Moreover, all these indicators are comparable with each other and with all the countries of the world through the COMPARE tab. In addition, these data can simply be exported in different formats (Excel, Ppt, Pdf..), making easier the work to consultants, scholars and companies with business interest in the region.


Did INVEST in LAC work for your company? Why?

The ability to find and present the compared data with different types of graphs, makes work easier and saves time, really important variable in business consulting.

In our case, we have found especially useful INVEST in LAC in the work we are driven in Ecuador, we were able to access to the official website of the National Statistics Institute, from the same integrated platform.


Would you recommend it to other colleagues? Why?

Using INVEST in LAC is an important step in the aggregation of statistics and information sources socio-economic and commercial nature of the LAC region. I will recommend definitely all those consulting firms markets, but also academics, institutions, entrepreneurs and companies interested in getting a quick, complete and compared to any country in the region access to and information about its position in the world.


Marian Scheifler Advisor, SIfdi

SIfdi an independent, private consulting firm specializing in advising on foreign investment. We offer professional, personalized and confidential, both international companies planning their first investments in Spain and in those countries where it operates our international network, and to those who wish to expand or diversify their presence in these regions services. We also work with companies and public institutions, national and international level, helping them understand the big picture and to define and implement its strategy of attracting and promoting investments.


How has INVEST in LAC been useful for you?

INVEST in LAC has been really useful in a consulting project in which I am working. It is an international report that includes a comparison of the attractiveness level of several developing countries as recipients of Foreign Direct Investment. INVEST in LAC has simplified me much the work with the compare country tool.


What are the main advantages that you would highlight about INVEST in LAC?

INVEST in LAC provides you the main available, consolidated and fully updated information and indicators of Latin America countries. It also gives me access to the latest reports from the most reliable global databases from specific sectors or areas of expertise.


Did INVEST in LAC work for your Business School? Why?

As Associate Professor of ESADE, focus in Latin American region, INVEST in LAC allows me to get very quickly the essential knowledge of a country to adapt the conference or course to the local economy or to the specific market situation.


Would you recommend it to other colleagues? Why?

Certainly, I totally recommend it, for academic colleagues as also consultants, because INVEST in LAC saves so much time we would spend gathering information in the web and allows us to focus on making better analysis and better reports.


Xavier S. Casademunt Brazil Director at ESADE
Business and Law School
& Associate Professor.

ESADE is an international academic institution with over fifty years of history. The main asset of this business school are people: faculty members and professionals who nurture reflection, dialogue, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, pioneering research and a valuable contribution to social debate and transformation. The vast majority of ESADE's almost 40,000 alumni are ambassadors of these values in over one hundred countries and hold top-level posts in companies, public administration and the non-profit sector. ESADE's global prestige stems from its quality education, its international focus and its holistic approach towards professional and personal skills development.


It's like having access to a specialist who had already identified the best databases, classified the relevant information and presented it to fit. Having access to relevant and reliable information to develop our professional activities is priceless!

Adolfo Tayhardat Managing Director,

Latamics provides business development advisory to international companies looking to buid their presence in Latin America. With extensive experience in the region, the firm advises on market-entry strategy, business partners and/or adquisition identification and deal completion.


In Gedeth, our analyst teams has incorporated the INVEST in LAC as a key tool in their daily work. At the same time, we recommend that our clients / partners use it because it puts at their disposal a huge amount of information for their business. Juan Millán, CEO Gedeth Network.

INVEST in LAC is for us a great tool due to the comprehensive and detailed information it provides us of major global economic sources, and for the several visualization mode options available, making macroeconomic analysis friendly, flexible and comparable. The tool supports our work in helping our customers select the most optimal location for their internationalization. Miguel Villarrica, Senior FDI Consultant Gedeth Network

Juan Millán CEO Gedeth Network
Miguel Villarrica Senior FDI Consultant

Gedeth Network, can help you to find clients in Spain and Latin America, covering all the steps in your search for leads and clients. We have experience with companies from a great variety of sectors and of different sizes.


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